High-end replica watches and jewellery replica watches for special occasions

Precious metals: expensive, refined products, very luxurious. Suitable for high-end replica watches and jewelry fake watches, etc., for special occasions.

Steel belt chain appearance: moderate price - product evaluation all set. Its advantages are strong, rude and generous, and sporty. The main disadvantage is that some skin can cause allergic reactions, the group is not easy to fake rolex watches clean, easy to hide dirt and scale.

Leather strap: The range is quite wide and the price difference is extremely wide. There are crocodile skin, lizard skin, ostrich skin, cowhide, sheep skin and so on. Newer leather strap: devil skin, snakeskin water. Elegant watches should be paired with top leather straps to show a general elegance. Its advantage is that it is comfortable to wear. The main disadvantages are humidity, maintenance difficulties and poor life.

Canvas or nylon belt: cheap, mainly used for military fake watches and sports watches. You can skip the water and it's easy to smell.

Strip plastic appearance: low price, mainly from the popular fake watch electronic mode. A variety of designs, colorful but not yet cultivated.

Silicon Elasticity: Watchmakers are increasingly promoting it. It is mainly used for waterproofing and diving instruments and will be used in a wider range of applications in the future. Silicone rubber has excellent physical properties: non-toxic, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, flexibility and easy maintenance.